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Hands To The Heavens Ukulele tab

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Hands To The Heavens

Tono:  C#m
Capo en el 2º traste



Part 1 
C#m   A    E (2x) 

Part 2 
C#m   A    E    B/Eb 
C#m   A    B 

Verse I 
C#m  A      E 
We are your church 
C#m A       E        B 
We are your sons and daughters 
C#m    A        E      B/Eb      C#m   A    B 
We've gathered here to meet with you 

C#m  A      E 
We lift our eyes 
C#m  A      E        B 
We lay our hearts before you 
C#m  A    E        B/Eb   C#m   A   B 
Expectant here for you to move 

A                            C#m 
With our hands to the heaven alive 
In your presence oh God 
When you come 
So pour out your spirit 
   C#m                    G 
We love to be near you oh God 
When you come 

Verse II 
C#m  A      E 
You are the way 
C#m    A           E       B 
The truth and the life we live for 
C#m  A     E      B/Eb     C#m   A    B 
Oh how we long to know you more 

F#m         C#m 
Come like a rushing wind 
E              B 
Come light the fire again 
F#m         C#m 
Come like a burning flame 
Have your way 
Have your way  
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