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Too Shy Ukulele tab




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Too Shy

Áño: 1983 -

(N. Beggs / C. Hamill)

Tono:  Eb

Principal Key: Eb  

Fm7/Bb                 Gm7/Bb  


Tyler’s Notes on Intro/Chorus  
	The Intro/Bridge is comprised of two minor chords in the key of Eb (Fm7 and Gm7)  
on top of a pedal note of Bb.  This Bb pedal note effectively transfers the Intro into the  
Verse, which starts on a chord with the same root note Bbm.  


Principal Key: Bbm  

Bbm                                    Ebm7                                       Fm7  
Tongue tied or short of breath, don't even try  
Try a little harder  
Bbm                                   Ebm7                               Fm7  
Something's wrong, I'm not naive, you must be strong  
Ooh, baby, try  

Tyler’s Notes on the Verse  
	The Verse consists entirely of minor chords.  Beggs’ use of Ebm7 and, more  
specifically, Fm7, indicate his preference of the Modal Minor over the  
Classical Minor.  The fact this section is comprised entirely of minor chords  
helps distinguish it from other sections of the song.  


Principal Key: Db 

Ab5     Db5                       Gb5  Db5                     Ab5        Db5       Gb5
                          Hey girl,             move a little closer... 

Tyler’s Notes on the Pre-Chorus 
	The beginning of this section is somewhat harmonically ambiguous.  
The major chords should be played without the third, which stands for “No Chord.”  
It becomes clear that we are in Db when we finally hear the implied Db7 chord 
as Limahl utters, “You’re…” before the chorus begins.  


Principal Key: Db 

Ebm        Db            B/Gb  
Too shy, shy  
          B/Gb               Bb7/#5  
Hush, hush…eye to eye  

Last Chorus Variation:  

Ebm        Db  
Too shy, shy  
Hush, hush………..  

Tyler’s Notes on the chorus  
	The chorus is comprised of a fairly basic descending progression.  
It is interesting, as it goes out of key.  The Bb7/#5 is an unusual chord for pop music...
but then again...Kajagoogoo were an unusual band!  
Unusually good, that is.
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