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All my life Ukulele tab

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All my life

Tono:  C
C                         Am 
i will never find another lover, 
              F                 G 
sweeter than you,sweeter than you . 
C                           Am                
i will never find another lover more precious 
      F                        G 
than you, more precious than you 
girl you are 
close to me,you're like my mother, 
close to me your like my father, 
close to me your like my sister 
close to me you're like my brother, 
Am                Dm        F                   G 
you are the only one , my everything, and for you this song i sing  
Dm C G C Am all my life, i've prayed for someone like you, Dm C G C Am and i thank god, that i've finally found you Dm C G Em Am all my life , i've prayed for someone like you F G C Am and i hope that you feel the same way too F G yes, i pray that you do love me too
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