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Crazy Ukulele tab

K-ci and JoJo

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Tono:  C
          C         G	          F			     F	     G	 
          Baby I apologise for all the things that I've done, that I've done. 
          C	  G	                F	F  G	 
          See I know, I've been a fool for far too long. 
          C		  G 
          Baby you don't have to go and run away 
          F		            F	                G	   	 
          Just come back to papa, please baby, baby won't you stay? 
          C	  G                   F	          F           	G 
          If you really love me, then why are you leaving me? 
          { B R I D G E 
          Dm			    G 
          I can't think, think about this crazy day 
          Dm			            G 
          I lose sleep, just to daydream about you baby 
          { C H O R U S } 
          C		                G	          F            F      G 
          I'm goin crazy, crazy, crazy, just thinkin about you lately 
          C		                G	          F	      F      G 
          I'm goin crazy, crazy, crazy, just thinkin about you baby 
          C		                 G	          F	      F      G 
          I'm goin crazy crazy crazy crazy, thinkin about you lately 
                         Dm	        G 
          I'm goin crazy, crazy, when I can't touch you 
          Dm	            G 
          Crazy, crazy, when I can't hold you   
          Dm	            G	                    C 
          Crazy, crazy, when I can't see you again. 
          { V E R S E  2 } 
          C		    G	       F               F    G	 
          See I've finally realised, that you are my true love 
       C			   G  		    F			F	G    
       And I've had a lot of time to think, and you're all I seem...to keep think- to keep thinkin of 
          C		    G 
          Now I know I need you, each and every day 
          F		        F	      G		 
          I can't live without you, so don't run away 
          C	      G	   F	       	F	     G 
          Baby, you said that you loved me, so why'd you leave me? WHY? 
          { B R I D G E 
          { C H O R U S} 

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