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Slow Motion Ukulele tab




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Slow Motion

Soulja Slim: 
Slow motion for me, slow motion for me, move in slow motion for me, 
Slow motion for me, slow motion for me, move in slow motion for me 
Chorus (Soulja Slim X2) 
Uhhh, I like it like that, she working that back, I don't know how to act, 
Slow motion for me, slow motion for me, Slow motion for me, move in slow motion for me, 
Verse 1 (Soulja Slim) 
I'm a dick thrower, her neck and her back hurting, 
Cut throat will have her like a brand new virgin, 
Its like when she gets used of it, then you start serving, 
Hop on top and start jiggy-jiggy jerking, 
Slow down for me, you moving too fast, 
My fingers keep slipping, I'm trying to grip that ass, 
Keep being hard headed and I'ma make you get on me, 
Got a human up disguise but my face is a doggy, 
If You loving my ball, let me bury my bone, 
I will (?), marry bitches at home, 
One of my bitches fell in love with that outside dick, 
That outside dick keep them hoes sick, like 
Chorus X2 
Verse 2 (Juvenile) 
Its like I got the world in my palm, your girl up under my arm 
She fucked up from the charm, 
She love the way the dick still hard from 12 till early in the morn, 
fine bitches if you listening you heared me i'm strong, 
If you going through your cycle I ain't with it i'm gone, 
you must've heared about them hoes that I beat up in my home, 
They wasn't telling the truth baby you know they was wrong, 
Now, make it official and drink some of that Dom, 
I don't mind buying blue, you riding too, don't be asking a nigga question bout where I'm driving you, 
Lil mamma my shit together I ain't jiving you, 
I don't think that nigga could do you better than I could do, you know 
The Juvenile from cross the street by the derby, 
Same nigga used to be runnin' with Rusty and Kirby, 
Can a playa from tha nolia get a chance with it, 
but I can't bounce with you without using my hands with it 
Chorus X2 
Verse 3 (Soulja Slim and Juvenile) 
Soulja Slim 
Slow Motion, she open, I'm hopin' she don't leave my dick broken, 
with brush burns and swollen, I'm toting she don't wanna make me out and believe her, 
I guarantee I'ma see ya when I see ya, 
And just don't holla out my name like we was all in, 
Yo pussy throwback, and you know that, 
So stop stunt'n, slow motion for a real nigga, 
I'm gone off that incredible potion and i'ma deal with you 
I like how them Victoria Secrets sit in that ass, 
Lemme pour some more hyp and hennesy in ya glass, 
Would I be violating, If I grabbed me handfull, 
I'm knowing whats happening, all I want is a sample, 
Who you wit ? I'm in a rental today, 
Its going down and happening and I remember the way, 
Less money we spend on bullshit, the more for the weed 
Whats it gonna take for you to come in slow motion with me like, 
Chorus X2 

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