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All Of You Ukulele tab

Julio Igrejas



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All Of You

Tono:  Bm
Intro: Bm, A/B, Em7, F#m7, G7+, A, B9,B 

B                           B6 
I never had this feeling before 
B                        B7+ 
I never wanted anyone more 
        B               B7+        B 
And something in your eyes tells me you 
           C#dim    F#4/7 
Feel the way that I do.(I feel like you do) 

F#7                                  C#m7 
If you would like to stay here all night 
F#7                                 C#m7 
You know that I would say it's all right 
F#7                            G#m7 
Although I'm saying yes, I confess 
I've got more on my mind 
          C#m7                       F#4/7  F#7 
'Cause I want more of you than your time. 
All of you, your body and soul, 
D#m7                        G#4/7   G#7 
Every kind of love you can express, 
C#m7                                 F#7 
All the secret dreams you've never told. 
       D#m7                               G#4/7  G#7 
I want everything, and I'll take nothing less. 
All of you as long as you live 
D#m7                             G#4/7 G#7 
Everything you've never shared before 
C#m7                       F#4/7 
all of you, that you can give 
All your joys and all your sorrows 
Let today say no tomorrow. 
       D                                D6 
How I long to feel the warmth of your touch 
      D                         D7+ 
And then if I'm not asking too much, 
      D                              D6 
I'd like to spend my life wandering through 
        D#dim       Em7 
All the wonders of you, 
(All the wonders of you) 
Em7                             A7 
when we're lying close in the dark 
     Em7                            A7 
So close I feel each beat of your heart 
   Em7          A7             Bm7 
I want you to reveal what you feel 
What you hold deep inside 
           G#m7/5-              G/A 
There is nothing I want you to hide. 
All of you, your body and soul, 
F#m7                            B4/7 B7 
Everything you want this love to be, 
Em7                          A7 
all of you, that you can give 
        F#m7                 B9/7 
Giving thanks for all your giving, 
        Em7      A4/7     D 
Let me give you...all of me... (Estribilho) 
All of you as long as you live 
F#m7                            B4/7 B7 
Everything you want this love to be, 
Em7                           A7 
all of you, all that you can give 
In return, in return... 
            B4/7  B7                G7+ F#m7 
I wanna give you... let me give you. 
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