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Say It Isn't So Ukulele tab

Julie London

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Say It Isn't So

	  Tom: Lá Maior (A) 

A7M(9)            Bb9 
Say it isn't so, say it isn't so, 
A           D9     AM7       F#m 
Everyone is saying you don't love me  
B7     Cdim  B7 
Say it isn't so. 
E7/13             Bb9 
Ev'rywhere I go, ev'ryone I see, 
B7/9     B7     B7/9    E7/9  E7 E7sus4  E7 
They say you're growing tired       of    me  
D9           Bm5-/7   E7 
Say it isn't  so. 
A7M(9)                Bb9 
People say that you, found somebody new, 
A                D9    A7M       F#m 
And it won't be long before you leave me  
B7     Cdim  B7             
Say it isn't true, 
D7M(7)           D6            Dm   Dm7  Dm6 
Just say that ev'rything is still    okay, 
A7M         C#m5-/7    F#7 
That's all I want to know; 
D9  Bm5-/7         D6     E7/6      E7  A 
And what they're saying, say it isn't so. 
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