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Let's Fall In Love Ukulele tab

Judy Garland



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Let's Fall In Love

Tono:  D
	  Verso 1: 
D    Bm           Em  A 
Let's fall in love 
              D     Bm   Em   A 
Why shouldn't we fall in love? 
Our hearts are made of it 
Let's take a chance 
F#m   A 
Why be afraid of it? 

Verso 2: 
D    Bm           Em  A 
Let's close our eyes 
            D    Bm   Em  A 
And make our own paradise 
Little we know of it 
Still we can try 
F#m     A 
To make a go of it 

D     Em     F#m 
We might have been meant for each other 
A      Em 
To be or not to be 
F#m     Em     G     A 
Let our hearts discover 

Verso 3: 
D    Bm           Em  A 
Let's fall in love 
D    Bm           Em  A 
Why shouldn't we fall in love 
Now is the time for it 
While we are young 
A     D 
Let's fall in love 


(Verso 3) 

Outro 3x: 
D    Bm           Em  A 
Let's fall in love 
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