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Me And Jiggs Ukulele tab

Josh Ritter


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Me And Jiggs

Tono:  C
me and jiggs staring at the ceiling  
the stars above the radar range  
Song from a station wagon laying foundations  
on the shadows of overpassing planes  
I'm feeling good, at seven o'clock we're gonna  
drive across the county line  
And find Saturday night like an orphan child that the  
good days left behind  
           Dm                  G 
And I'm not sure we can make it stay  
           Dm                          G 
Sun's going down and its the end of the day  
me and my friends in the park drinking  
beer underneath the trees  
Lying on your back as the sun goes down,  
you know it's perfect cause you've got to leave  
On a Saturday night in a town like this  
I forget all my songs about trains  
A bar with a jukebox and you on my arm heaven  
and earth are pretty much the same  
And I'm not sure I can make you stay  
Sun's going down and its the end of the day  
Later on sitting on the roof talking like t 
he night could last all night  
Like we are all half crazy and  
all at least half alright  
Sitting on the porch playing Townes Van Zandt  
play guitar to burn off the hours  
Till we climb the fences at the edge of town  
and paint our names on the water towers  
And I'm not sure we can make them stay  
Sun's going down at the end of the day  
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