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Another New World Ukulele tab

Josh Ritter



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Another New World

Tono:  Bm

The leading light of the age all wondered amongst 
Themselves what I would do next 
After all that I'd found in my travels around 
The world was there anything else left? 
"Gentlemen", I said, "I've studied the maps" 
"And if what I'm thinking is right" 
         A7                                  D 
"There's another new world at the top of the world" 
"For whoever can break through the ice" 
I looked round the room in that way I once had 
And I saw that they wanted belief 
So I said "All I've got are my guts and my God" 
Then I paused,"and the Annabelle Lee" 
                  B                     Em 
Oh the Annabelle Lee, I saw their eyes shine 
The most beautiful ship in the sea 
    D                        F#7 
My Nina, My Pinta, My Santa Maria 
My beautiful Annabelle Lee 

That spring we set sail as the crowd waved from shore 
And on board the crew waved their hats 
But I never had family just the Annabelle Lee 
So I didn't have cause to look back 
I just set the course north and I studied the charts 
And toward dark I drifted toward sleep 
And I dreamed of the fine deep harbor I'd find 
Past the ice for my Annabelle Lee 

After that it got colder the world got quiet 
It was never quite day or quite night 
And the sea turned the color of sky turned the color 
Of sea turned the color of ice 
'Til at last all around us was fastness 
One vast glassy desert of arsenic white 
And the waves that once lifted us 
Sifted instead into drifts against Annabelle's sides 

The crew gathered closer at first for the comfort 
But each morning would bring a new set 
Of the tracks in the snow leading over the edge 
Of the world 'til I was the only one left 
After that it gets cloudy but it feels like I lay there 
For days maybe for months 
But Annabelle held me the two of us happy 
Just to think back on all we had done 

We talked of the other worlds we'd discover 
As she gave up her body to me 
And as I chopped up her mainsail for timber 
I told her of all that we still had to see 
As the frost turned her moorings to nine-tail 
And the wind lashed her sides in the cold 
I burned her to keep me alive every night 
In the lover's embrace of her hold 

I won't call it rescue what brought me here back to 
The old world to drink and decline 
And to pretend that the search for another new world 
Was well-worth the burning of mine 
But sometimes at night in my dreams comes the singing 
Of some known tropical bird 
And I smile in my sleep thinking Annabelle Lee 
Has finally made it to another new world 
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