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It Don't Matter to Me Ukulele tab

Josh Reams

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It Don't Matter to Me

Tono:  G
	  G                                D 
It Dont matter what we do tonight,  
C                                     G 
just as long as you're with me. 
G                                    D 
A fine whine dinner with candle light, 
C                                                     D 
Or we could stay at home and watch TV. 

C G C D We need some time together, some time to be alone. Em D C D Feels like its been forever since we've both been at home. C G C D Any time, whenever, darlin' you hold the key. Em C D G We can do whatever, it dont matter to me.
It dont matter what we do tonight, I just wanna see those eyes of blue. I wanna kiss those lips and hold you tight, until we can smell the morning due. (Repeat Chorus) (Bridge) C G G F# Em D Let lye down by the fireplace, yeah lets make a spark of our own. C G G F# Em D Make love while the sun comes up, and not stop until the break of dawn. (Repeat Chorus) C D G It dont matter to me......
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