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(She's So) Untouchable Ukulele tab

Johnny Thunders



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(She's So) Untouchable

Tono:  C
Intro: Em (2x) 

C               Em 
 Can´t close my Eyes 

  G        D 
 when she´ around 

C                 Em 
 my Heart stops and goes again 

 G                 D 
 I´m lost and then I´m found 

C               Em 
 its getting so hot in here 

 G               D 
 I gotta let you know 

 C                  Em 
 cause you make me crazy 

G          D 
 if I only let you die now 

Em She´ so untouchable Em She makes me uncontrolable
C Em If only she´d know how G D how I really felt C Em maybe Things would work out G D maybe I would find out C Em but maybe my Head´ in the Clouds G D and I don´t even know C Em cause she is so pretty ahhhh... G D she knocks the Boys out cause now
Em She´ so untouchable Em She´ so untouchable Em She´ so untouchable C but I can touch her Em G D C Em G D Em She´ so untouchable Em She´ so untouchable
C Em But what can I say G D it´ getting a long Day C Em some Girls may walk on by G D but I don´t think of hug anyway C Em some Boys may beg like a Dog G D some Girls beg, beg beg too C Em but what can I say but G D Bon Voyage Baby cause now
Em She´ so untouchable Em She´ so untouchable Em She´ so untouchable Em She´ so untouchable
PS: O acorde Em, no refrão e na intro são usados da seguinte forma.
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