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Take The A Train Ukulele tab

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Take The A Train

(Billy Strayhorn and the Delta Rhythm Boys)

Tono:  D
Intro: D6 A#7 D6 A#7   

D6               E7/9 E7 
You must take the "A" train 
G  Gdim Edim         A7/13-            D6      Cdim Em7 A7/13- 
To       go to Sugar Hill 'way up in Harlem. 
D6              E7/9 E7 
If you miss the "A" train 
G     Gdim Edim            A7/13-             D6      Cdim Em7 A7/13- 
You'll     find missed the quickest way to Harlem 

G      G/F#             E7 
Hurry, get on now, it's coming 
E9     E7                Em7      A9  
Listen to those rails a-thrumming 
A7/13-   D6               E7/9  E7 
All a-board!  Get on the "A" train 
G  Gdim Edim            A7/13-           D6      Fdim A7 A7/13- D6 
Soon     you will be on Sugar Hill in Harlem 
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