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Satin Doll Ukulele tab

Johnny Mercer



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Satin Doll

(Billy Strayhorn, Johnny Mercer and Duke Ellington)

Tono:  A
Bm7       E7      Bm7       E7 
Cigarette holder,    which wigs me 
C#m7      F#7     C#m7      F#7 
Over her shoulder,     she digs me 
Am  B7      Fm7     Bb9   A6  Edim Bm7 E7 
Out  cattin',    that satin doll  
Bm7        E7    Bm7     E7 
Baby shall we go    out skippin' 
C#m7      F#7  C#m7        F#7 
Careful, amigo    you're flippin 
Am     B7   Fm7     Bb9    A6 
Speaks Latin,   that satin doll 

      Em7       A7          Em7        A7          D7M  Bm7 Em7 D7M 
She's nobody's fool, so I'm playin' it cool as can be 
     F#m7       B7          F#m7         B7            E7   Bm5-/7 
I´ll give it a whirl, but I ain´t for no girl catchin´ me   
Bm7       E7      Bm7       E7 
Telephone number, well a you know 
C#m7      F#7     C#m7      F#7 
I'm doin my rumba with uno 
Am  B7   Fm7     Bb9   A6  Cdim F#7 
And that'n,    my satin doll 
Am    B7   Fm7     Bb9   A6 Bb9 A6 
And that'n,    my satin doll 
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