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Not Mine Ukulele tab

Johnny Mercer



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Not Mine

(Johnny Mercer and Victor Schertzinger)

Tono:  A
B7   Cdim     Edim    D9    Dm6 Fdim E7   A 
It's somebody else's moon above,     not mine 
B7   Cdim     Edim    D9        Dm6 Fdim E7   A7 
It's somebody else's night for love,     not mine 
A7/13  D7M     D6      Dm6  E7      A7M  C#m5-/7 F#7 
 A   heart to someone else   is a thing       that melts  
   B7      Cdim   E7    D9          A 
To me it's just a comic Valentine 
B7   Cdim    Edim    D9     Dm6  Fdim E7   A 
Let somebody else's tear be shed,     not mine 
Interlude: E7 Fdim A Dm6 A A7  D  
B7   Cdim Edim D9      Dm6 Fdim E7   A7 
Let somebody else's nose get red,    not mine 
D6  D9          D6     Dm6       
I  like playing solitaire 
Fdim   A9    A    C#m5-/7   F#7 
But  until   I can draw a pair 
Cdim  B7      Edim    D9  D6  Dm6  E7/9- Fdim A 
It's somebody else's moon up there,     not mine 
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