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Let's Take The Long Way Home Ukulele tab

Johnny Mercer



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Let's Take The Long Way Home

(Johnny Mercer and Harold Arlen)

Tono:  D
 A    F#m       D9   E7  A      F#m D9 E 
Let's take the long way home 
Edim   A    A7      D9 Cdim  D9   E7 
Let's look for the long way home 
    E7 Fdim A   F#m       D9 
And on the way, let's pretend 
Cdim       A   C#m5-/7      F#m         D9  E7 
That this won...der...ful night won't end 
Edim   A     F#m      D9       A     F#m  D9 E7 
Through Asia would be much too soon 
Fdim   A     A7    D9  Cdim     C#7 
We'll circle once around  the   moon 
D9   A    F#m       D9    E7   F#7      Bm5-/7 
Our dream boat will carry us across the foam 
A    F#m       D9   E7        A   F#m       D9    E7 
We'll take the long way, make sure it's the wrong way 
A    F#m       D9   E7   A      
Let's take the long way home 
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