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I'm Old Fashoned Ukulele tab

Johnny Mercer



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I'm Old Fashoned

(Johnny Mercer and Jerome Kern)

Tono:  A
Em7             Edim         E        Dm7     A 
I am not such a clever one about the latest fads 
D6  F#m        Cdim        A9      A7/9   A7 
I admit I was never one adored by local lads 
D9      D6      Bm    Bm5-/7 A A9 F#m 
Not that I ever try to  be saint 
D7M     Fdim           Cdim  E7      A     
I'm the type that they classify as quaint 
A              F#m7           D9             Cdim 
Quaint that they mother you, quaint that they brother you 
       A       A7/9       D          Dm7 
Must be another you, I like the other you 
D   F#m     Em7  A7        D   F#m     Em7  A7 
I'm     old fashioned, I love     the moonlight 
  Gdim  D  F#m Bm7         Em7 F#7 
I love the old fashioned things 
    D9   Bm5-/7  E7    D9   Bm5-/7  E7     
The sound  of  rain upon a window pane 
    G      Gdim Cdim Em7 G/B   A7 
The starry song that April    sings 
Gdim F#m       Em7 A7      D7M F#m C#m5-/7 F#7    
This    year's fancies are passing     fancies 
     G       Am7   G/B      C        D    Cdim  Em7    A7 
But sighing sighs, holding hands these my heart understands 
D   F#m     Em7 A7         D F#m7     Em7  A7 
I'm     old fashioned, but I    don't mind it 
       D     F#m     B7  Edim 
That's how I want to be 
A7  D9     F#m7 E7/9 A7  D F#m    Em7  A7        D 
As long as you agree to stay  old fashioned with me 
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