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Texas To You Ukulele tab

Johnny Cooper



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Texas To You

Tono:  E
	  Texas To You 
By Johnny Cooper 

E        B                  C#m                  A 
Don't forget about the days, when we would dance in the rain 
E              B                C#m             A 
Just keep your head up high and keep on looking for the sky 
E           B              C#m            A         
Vegas ain't too far, I can get there by tonight 
E         B               C#m            A            
Give me a place to stay & I'll be headed for the neon lights 

I know it's gonna be hard…you'll feel all by yourself 
Just think of me baby…keep that picture on your shelf 
I'll take a few days, use my vacation time 
Show up at your door with a bottle of red wine 

B C#m A Baby, I'll bring Texas to you B C#m A Whenever you want me to B C#m B A Just pick up the phone and dial that same old number B E Baby, I'll bring Texas to you
The sun rises from the East and it sits in the West Just as certain, you bring out my very best I'll bring the Honky Tonk, we'll play that music loud Sit on top the roof and sing to the clouds You'll be listening to your favorite Pat Green Wondering why you ever left this Red Dirt scene That new pop country, it just ain't the same Seems like all they want is fortune and fame Chorus Lead Chorus
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