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One Bud Wiser Ukulele tab

John Rich


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One Bud Wiser

Tono:  E
E A E Well, I'm one Bud wiser than I was a minute ago A E B7 I found an equalizer that makes her memory a no-show A E A E A And I won't be jonesin' for her lovin anymore E B7 E Cause I'm one Bud wiser than I was a minute ago
E E I dropped a quarter, played golden ring on the jukebox E B7 placed my order with the blonde behind the bar B7 and as she handed me a cold one, I said keep the change, darling E And as I drank it down, I felt the healin start Chorus When she left me, she took my brand new Silverado I started thumbin and I finally hitched a ride I came down here to drink a beer and watch the rednecks fight Now I don't feel so bad going home alone tonight Chorus Well I'm one bud wiser
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