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Real Love Ukulele tab

John Lennon


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Real Love

Áño: 2004 - Álbum: Acoustic

Tono:  D
	  Tabbed by: 	Morij 
 D                      F#m 
All the little boys and girls 
  D7                  F/C# 
Living in this crazy world 
  G                     G/F# Em  A 
All they really needed from you 
                  D   Gm  D 
Was maybe some love 
All the little girls and boys 
Playing with their little toys 
All they really needed from you 
Was maybe some love 
    D              Gm 
Why must we live alone 
    D              G 
Why must we live alone 
   D       Bm   Em(III) F#m(V)
This is real life 
 D       Bm  G   A 
This is real 
    D              Gm 
I don't expect you to understand 
D                     Gm 
The kingdom of heaven is in your hand 
D                  Gm 
I don't expect you to wake from your dreams 
D                  Gm 
To late to rise now so it seems 
All the little plans and schemes 
Nothing but a bunch of dreams 
All they ever needed from you  
Was maybe some love 

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