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Hold On Ukulele tab

John Lennon


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Hold On

Áño: 1970 - Álbum: John Lennon/Plastic Ono Band

	   E (riff) F#m  G#m  A 
E (riff) 
Hold on John, John hold on 
It's gonna be alright 
               G#m        A 
You gonna win the fight 
Hold on Yoko, Yoko hold on 
It's gonna be alright 
               G#m          A 
You're gonna make the fight 
            F#m    C#m 
When you're by yourself 
            F#m     C#m 
And there's noone else 
          F#m      C#m 
You just have yourself  
          F#m      C#m 
And you tell yourself 
          E (riff) F#m  G#m A 
Just to hold on            (Cookie!) 
Hold on world, world hold on 
It's gonna be alright 
You're gonna see the light 
When you're one 
Really one 
Well you get things done 
Like they've never been done 
So hold on 
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RIFF: E F#m E -0------------------------ ---2--2--0--------- B ---2-0-2-------0---2-0----two ---2--2------------ G -------------1---1-----1--quick ---2--2--------2--- D -----------2--------------strums ---4--4----2h4----- A -------------------------- ------------------- E -0-0-0-0------------------ -0-----------------
(from Plastic Ono Band, 1970) (sent by Harlan at [email protected])
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