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You Must Go Ukulele tab

John Hiatt

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You Must Go

Tono:  D
 D          Am     C		 G        D 
When that howling wind, Comes to carry you again 
      Am              C		     G 
Just like your next of kin, You must go 
      Am      C	               G                   D 
To a far away place, Where you don't recognize one face 
      Am             C                        G 
Don't unpack your old suitcase, Cause you must go 

Em G You must go and you must ramble C G Through every brier and bramble Em G Till your life is in a shambles C D Maybe then you will know Em G You were born to blunder C G Born to wander, born to wonder Em G Even when you're six feet under C D G There's place, that you must go
Second Verse (same chords as the first) It is something you done, Are you loyal to no one Turn your back on the sun, And you must go It it something she said, You keep this all up in your head Now your face is turning red, And you must go Chorus Love is in the air, You can smell it everywhere Its in your clothes, it's in her hair, Ah, you better get out of there It's gonna take a midnight train, To straighten out your winding brain Like a snake in the rain, You must go Chorus
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