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Feels Like Rain Ukulele tab

John Hiatt


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Feels Like Rain

Tono:  Cmaj7
	  Intro: Cmaj7   G  
Cmaj7                   G  
    Down here the river meets the sea  
Cmaj7                                 G  
    And in the sticky heat I feel you open up to me  
    Love comes out of nowhere baby  
Em       D           Cmaj7  
    Just like a hurricane  
                      G     Cmaj7  
    And it feels like rain  
    And it feels like rain  
Lying underneath the stars right next to you  
Wondering who you are and how do you do   
(how do you do baby?)  
The clouds are rolling across the moon   
- the wind howls out your name  
And it feels like rain (x2)  
Baby can you feel it?  
We ain't ever gonna make that bridge tonight, babe  
Across Lake Pontchartrain  
And it feels like rain (x2)  
So batton down the hatches baby,   
Leave your heart out on your sleeve  
It looks like we're in for stormy weather-  
And that ain't no cause for us to leave  
Just lie here in my arms and let it wash away the pain  
And it feels like rain (x2)  
Baby can you feel it?....  
Gonna let your love wash over me.  

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