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The Door Was Always Open Ukulele tab

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The Door Was Always Open

Tono:  D
	  Verse 1 
  D                           G                      D 
After all the windows on the ground floor had been broken 

  Bm                         G           A 
After all the undemandin' officers had spoken 

  D                          G             D 
After all the trouble after all the commotion 

   Bm             G            A           D Bm G  A  A7 
I walked right through the door was always open 

Verse 2 
I climbed the western wall without anybody knowin' 
I held the guardsman captive with a pistol I had stolen 
He just poured a cup of coffee and said, "Son now here's a notion. 
The next time you drop by the door is always open." 

   Bm                           G        D 
I waited for the sun but it was already dawn 

       G        D             A7 
It was already dawn breakin' fast all along 

       Bm                             G        D 
And I waited for her song but she was already gone 

        G        D             A 
She was already gone breakin' fast all along 

Verse 3 
So it seems I've spent a lifetime arrested and beholden 
Standin' on the threshold absolutely frozen 
Waitin' on some God above to tell me I was chosen 
Instead I spoke myself the door was always open 

Instead I spoke myself the door was always open 

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