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Railroad Boy Ukulele tab

Joan Baez



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Railroad Boy

Tono:  Dm
Intro: Am E7  Am G/B C Em/B  Am F Am 

verse 1 

Am                   E7       Am 
She went upstairs to make her bed 
        G/B  C           Em/B     Am  
And not a    word to her mother said. 
Am                  E7       Am     
Her mother she went upstairs too  
Am                 G/B C                Em/B      Am 
Saying, "Daughter, oh  daughter, what's troublin' you?" 

verse 2 

 Am               E7     Am 
"Oh mother dear I cannot tell 
         G/B  C           Em/B     Am  
That railroad boy that I love so well. 
             Am    E7    Am  
He's courted me my life away 
        G/B C            Em/B Am 
And now at  home he will not  stay." 

verse 3 

Am                   E7     Am 
"There is a place in London town 
          G/B  C            Em/B     Am  
That rail-road boy goes and sits him down. 
Am                          E7     Am  
And he takes a strange girl on his knee 
Am           G/B C           Em/B       Am 
And he tells to  her what he won't tell me." 


Am E7  Am   G/B  C  Em/B Am  F Am  

verse 4 

Am                 E7        Am 
Her father he came home from work 
                 G/B C             Em/B     Am  
Sayin', "Where's my  daughter, she seems so hurt" 
           Am       E7       Am  
He went upstairs to give her hope 
             G/B C       Em/B Am 
An' he found her hangin' by a rope. 

Short verse 

Am                       E7      Am 
He took his knife and he cut her down 
       G/B C           Em/B     Am  
And on her bosom these words he found: 

Verse 5 

 Am                   E7       Am 
"Go dig my grave both wide and deep, 
          G/B  C            Em/B    Am  
Put a mar-ble  stone at my head and feet, 
Am                      E7         Am  
And at my breast, put a white snow dove 
Am      G/B C            Em/B    Am    G/B  C  Em/B  Am F Am  
To tell the world that I died of love. 
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