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Sam Hill Ukulele tab

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Sam Hill

Tono:  C
	  C                                             Am 
There's a certain hill outside of town called Sam Hill 

      C                                  G7 
And a certain guy used to go there every day 

     C                               Am 
They said a certain girl lived up in Sam Hill 

      Dm                          G7 
Aw  a pretty girl not hep to city ways 

     C                                      F 
This certain guy would come down the hill a grinning 

Dm                                  G 
Headed back to town at the crack of dawn 

       C                                   F 
And he had 'em all a wondering what he was doing 

     C                 G7               C 
Yeah wondering what in Sam Hill's going on 

We knew this certain guy was not a gold miner 

         C                        G7 
Cause he never took a shovel or a pick 

   C                         Am 
He only took a little box of candy 

    Dm                             G7 
And disappeared in Sam Hill mighty quick 

   C                               F 
We tried to follow him to his destination 

       Dm                                G7 
But he had a secret path and soon he was gone 

       C                                  F 
And he had us all a wondering what he was doing 

     C                 G7               C 
Yeah wondering what in Sam Hill's going on 

I know that you have wondered too about Sam Hill 

       C                                        G7 
You've probably asked  what in Sam Hill's going on 

    C                           Am 
All I can say in answer to your question 

       Dm                        G7 
Is the goings on are still going on 

     C                                 F 
This certain guy's still taking up his candy 

     Dm                      G7 
He's 99 and all his youth is gone 

       C                                       F 
But he climbs that hill and still comes down a grinning  

          C                 G7               C 
And we're wondering what in Sam Hill's going on 

        G7               C 
What in Sam Hill's going on 
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