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The Gift Ukulele tab

Jim Brickman


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The Gift

Áño: 1997 - Álbum: The Gift

Tono:  Bb
Bb                      F 
  Winter snow is falling down 
Gm                        F 
  Children laughing all around 
Eb                         Bb  
  Lights are turning on 
          Cm                  F 
Like a fairy tale come true  
Bb                   F 
  Sitting by the fire we made 
Gm                          F 
  You're the answer when I prayed 
Eb                          Bb 
  I would find someone 
       Cm                F 
And baby I found you 
Refrain 1 
           Bb          Cm          F   
All I want is to hold you forever 
        Bb             Cm             F 
All I need is you more every day 
         Bb         D7 
You saved my heart 
                   Gm       C7 
From being broken apart 
You gave your love away 
F                          Bb 
  And I'm thankful every day 
F            Bb F Gm F Eb F 
  For the gift 
F                              C 
  Watching as you softly sleep 
Dm                     C7 
  What I'll give if I could keep 
Bb           F 
  Just this moment 
    Gm                  C7 
If only time stood still  
F                       C7                        
  But the colors fade away 
Dm                         C7 
  And the years will make us grey 
Bb            F 
  But baby in my eyes 
          Gm              C7 
You'll still be beautiful 
Refrain 2 
         F            Gm            C7 
All I want is to hold you forever 
        F               Gm             C7 
All I need is you more every day 
        F             A7 
You saved my heart 
                   Dm        Gm 
From being broken apart 
                       F               C7 
You gave your love away 
                        F                  C7 
I can't find the words to say 
                          F              C7   
That I'm thankful everyday 
For the gift 
F C7 Dm F Bb F Gm C7 (2x) 
(Repeat Refrain) 
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