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You Were Meant For Me Ukulele tab



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You Were Meant For Me


Intro:  Cadd9 G6 C  
Cadd9             G6 
I hear the clock, it's six a.m. 
C                  Em 
I feel so far from where I've been 
Cadd9                    G6 
I got my eggs.  I got my pancakes too 
C                     D 
I got my maple syrup, everything but you 
Cadd9                     G6 
I break the yolks, make a smiley face 
C                     Em 
I kinda like it in my brand new place 
         Cadd9                                   G6 
Wipe the spots off of the mirror don't leave the keys in the door 
C                            D 
I never put my towels on the floor anymore 'cause 
C           D 
Dreams last so long 
G    D/F          Em 
Even after you're gone 
C           D 
I know that you love me 
G        D/F      Em 
And soon you will see 
You were meant for me 
    D               Em   Em  
And I was meant for you 
   (Harmonics On 5th Fret) 
Cadd9                      G6 
I called my Momma, she was out for a walk 
C                            Em 
Consoled a cup of coffee but it didn't wanna talk so I 
Cadd9                     G6 
Picked up a paper, it was more bad news 
C                           D 
More hearts being broken or people being used 
Cadd9                 G6 
Put on my coat in the pouring rain 
C                     Em 
I saw a movie it just wasn't the same 
       Cadd9           G6 
'Cause it was happy oh I was sad and 
C                   D 
It made me miss you oh so bad 
C                         D 
Go about my business, I'm doing fine 
         G               D/F            Em 
Besides, what I say if I had you on the line 
C                   D 
Same old story, not much to say 
Hearts are broken every day 
Cadd9 G6 C Em (2x) 
Cadd9                        G6 
I brush my teeth and put the cap back on 
C                         Em 
I know you hate it when I leave the light on 
  Cadd9            G6 
I pick a book up.  Turn the sheets down. 
C                        D 
Take a deep breath and a good look around 
Cadd9              G6 
Put on my pj's and hop into bed 
    C                     Em 
I'm half alive but I feel mostly dead 
Cadd9                       G6 
I try and tell myself it'll be all right 
C                         D 
I just shouldn't think anymore tonight 
You were meant for me 
And I was meant for 
Cadd9   G6   C   Em 
You ............... 

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