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The Brand New Tennessee Wzatlz Ukulele tab

Jesse Winchetser

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The Brand New Tennessee Wzatlz

Tono:  D
	  The Brand New Tennessee Wzatlz   by Jesse Winchester 
Oh my but you have a pretty face 
         G                       D 
You favour a girl that I knew 
     G                             D 
I imagine that she's still in Tennessee 
            A7                           D 
And by God I should be there too 
           A7                           D 
I've a sadness too sad to be true 
But I left Tennessee in a hurry dear 
        G                                 D 
The same way that Im leaving you 
               G                         D 
Because love is mainly just memories 
         A7                                D 
And everyone's got him a few 
                    A7                         D 
So when I'm gone I'll be glad to love you 
                G          D 
     At the brand new Tennessee waltz 
      (D)                              A7       
     You're literally waltzing on air 
                  G           D 
      At the brand new Tennessee waltz 
       (D)                     A7             D  
      There's no telling who will be there  

When I leave it'll be like I found you love  
  G                           D 
Descending Victorian stairs 
      G                                      D 
I'm feeling like one of your photographs 
        A7                                        D 
Trapped while I'm putting on airs 
A7                                                  D 
And getting even by asking who cares 

So have all of your passionate violins 
    G                                  D 
Play a song for a Tennessee kid 
     G                                D 
Who's feeling like leaving another town 
    A7                               D 
With no place to go if he did 
         A7                            D 
'Cause they'll catch you wherever you're hid 

submitted by Allan Hurd 
[email protected] 
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