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Deserters Information Center

Tono:  Em
verse 1 

    Em                   G 
The flags on main street say 
You are one 
     Am        C    G   D 
Are you one of us? 

verse 2 

     Em                  G 
They hang in the exhaled air 
   D                     Am 
Of three thousand people sleeping 
C         G                      D        Am 
Breathing deep, their eyes going round 

C G Coding messages D Am Shedding messages C B7 The night before a parade
Instrumental C Em G D Am C G D verse 3 Em G Coyotes are lying down D In their dens Am C G D In their dens asleep verse 4 Em G The half of each bird's brain D Am C That sleeps remains asleep G D The corn repeats
Am C Are you coding messages G D Am Are you burning messages C B7 Tonight before a parade
Instrumental C Em G D Am C G D Em G D Am C G D Am C G D VERSE 5 Em G The ghost inside the hall D Am Moves from door to door C G D Once again waiting, once again come VERSE 6 Em G There's no more movies hung D Am On a sheet in the park C G D In the school parking lot until next year BRIDGE Am C G Your children will become D Strangers to you Am C G They will love a picture of you G D More than you, every time you speak
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