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Home Again Ukulele tab

Jeff Plankenhorn

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Home Again

Tono:  G
	  Tabbed by: Jason Marbach (please e-mail all questions to [email protected]) 
Intro: G         Cadd9   G   A   Cadd9   G - Cadd9 - G 
Verse 1: 
You always like to wander, born a free man 
You've been on this road since you don't know when 
           Cadd9                          G 
You may be more lost now than you've ever been 
             A             Cadd9  G     Cadd9   G 
But you will find your way home again 
Verse 2: 
If it's in your mind to go 'round the world 
Make yourself a dollar, find yourself a girl 
                 Cadd9             G 
If you come back wise, with empty hands 
                A             Cadd9  G      Cadd9   G 
At least you'll find your way home again 
Instrumental    (repeat intro) 
Verse 3: 
Some days your sun shines, and some days it rains 
You take all those moments, your treasures and your pains 
                        Cadd9                               G 
You can put 'em in your pocket, or you can throw 'em to the wind 
             A             Cadd9   A              Cadd9  G    Cadd9    G 
But you will find your way home ... Mmm, mmm, mmm-hmmm.again 

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