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The Mysteries Of Life Ukulele tab

Jean Sheppard

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The Mysteries Of Life

Tono:  D
	  Recorded by Jean Shepard 
Writer: V. F. Stewart 
D So many beautiful stories are A7 told 
Of love and affection, that's purer than D gold 
They meet and they love and he makes her his G wi-fe 
And A7 why it can't last, is a Mystery Of D Life. 
D I love you my darling, I've always been A7 true 
Wherever you go, I'll be thinking of D you 
You say you don't want me, you wish to be G fr-ee 
If A7 that's what you want, that's the way it will D be. 
It's a G Mystery Of Life, how D someone so sweet 
Can E7 cast you aside, to be dirt at their A7 feet 
They'll D take you and court you and make you their G wi-fe 
And A7 why it can't last, is a Mystery Of D Life. 
When Daddy told Mother, 'til death do us part 
He said it and meant it, right from the heart 
But now it is different, how people have chang-ed 
The words of the bible, they don't mean a thing. 
God made the ocean, the land and the trees 
He made the flowers, the birds and the bees 
Why He permits all this trouble and str-ife 
That is just one of The Mysteries Of Life. 
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