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Be With Me Ukulele tab

Jared Campbell

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Be With Me

Tono:  G
	  G  C  G  C 
G                               C 
As the night slips into focus 
G                                          C 
And the darkness comes to light 
G             G/F#         E/B 
My mind recalls the memories 
        Am7                      D 
Of when you and I collide 
G                      C 
No matter how hard 
G                         C 
And desperately I try 
G         G/F#         E/B 
I can't replace the feeling 
   Am7                D 
Of being by your side 

C            G 
Be With Me 
C            D 
Be With Me 
  Bm                     C 
I don't ever want to have 
   Bm          C 
To be all by myself 
                 E/B      Am7    Am7/G 
And never want to live this life 
              F                D 
Without you by my side 
C            G 
Be With Me 
C            D 
Be With Me 

G                     C 
Run into these safe stong arms 
G                            C 
They'll never let you go 
G           G/F#   E/B 
A shelter in the worst of storms 
      Am7                            D 
Or strength when you are weak 
G                     C 
I can't begin to tell you 
G                          C 
All that you give in return 
       G        G/F#        E/B 
But it's the source of everything 
               Am7   D 
That you see in me 

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