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Playing The Part Ukulele tab

Jamey Johnson



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Playing The Part

(Jamey Johnson)

Tono:  A
	  INTRO: A 

A                                       E 
Taking a dip on the sunset strip in the mornin' 
Ain't nothing like the smell of tofu and high dollar wine 
They said maybe all of them cars locking down the I-5 
       A                                                E                      A 
Yeah I find it amazing these rats I've been chasing are helping me remember a time 

D A When the only LA I knew was lower Alabama E A Back when me and Hannah were wishing on a southern star D A D Now its so complicated, I really hate it, why'd I ever want to go so far A Taking depression pills in the Hollywood Hills E A Acting like I'm playing the part
All this gripping and grinning, losing and winning, and running Promises break like an egg on the hot asphalt What the hell was I thinking, drinking like I'd never get caught These high dollar women, and the fame and the fortune, ain't worth the ticket I bought CHORUS A Taking depression pills in the Hollywood Hills E A Acting like I'm playing the part OUTRO (chorus chords then intro)
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