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Ramble On Ukulele tab

Jack Johnson


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Ramble On

	  Ramble On 
Jack Johnson 
a cover of taj mahal and of Led Zeppelin 
Tabbed by:Matt Jones 
intro E A D? 
(this part is E barre chord to A barre chord) 
well day by day 
and just one, just one little step at a time 
woman you have given me so so much 
just to ease this troubled little heart of mine 
and thats why  
further on down the road, baby 
well you will accompany me 
and i said 
further on down the road, baby 
well you will accompany me 
(this part E barre chord to B barre chord to C#m barre chord to A barre chord) 
things get sad 
we get mad 
we must always remember that things just aint that bad 
thats why 
(e to A) 
fruther on down the road 
you will accompany me 
least thats what i'm hoping now 
that further on down the road 
well you will accompany me 
and if we are in fools in love 
then a happy fool i would rather be 
and i'll be glad to learn from you 
and i know that you will learn from me 
(E B C#m A) 
when i think back 
your love was like the sun 
i don't remember any cold days only warm warm sun 
that why if were fools in life  
then a happy fool i would rather be 
and even after all 
the murdering 
i said even after all oh no no no 
the suffering 
(E B C#m A) 
i don't care where they came from 
and i don't care what they must say 
woman you've been loving in my corner all all the way 
(e to a) 
now day by day 
well thats the magical kind cause its flowing all the time 
(e to a chords) 
leaves are falling all around 
and its time i was on my way 
and thanks to you, i am much oblidged 
such a pleasant stay 
now its time for me to go 
the autumn moon lights my way 
its time to ramble on... 
(exit on E chord) 

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