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Joyride Ukulele tab

Jack Greene



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Tono:  G
G                       D7        G 
You're leaving and Lord knows I'm grieving 

      C                              G 
Cause you sure picked a bad train to ride 

      C               D7    G                   C 
He'll drop you like a stone when the joy is all gone 

         G            A7         D7 
From the joyride he's taking you on 

G                      D7          G 
That's not love in his eyes just desire 
     C                     G 
That you can't satisfy for long 

    C                        D7   G                    C 
And you'll hate where you've been when you come to the end 

       G            D7         G 
Of the joyride he's taking you on 

     C                            G 
Look around and you may catch him laughing 

         A7                              D7 
At those pictures he's been painting for you 

    C                                G 
Get those stars out of your eyes and look closer 

      A7                         D7 
Cause darling he's painting them blue 

G                   D7           G 
Lord I wish I could save you the sorrow 

        C                         G 
And the pain that you'll be going through 

    C                 D7   G                    C 
But they'll be on the bill when you pay for the thrill 

       G            D7        C  G 
Of the joyride he's taking on yo-u 
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