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Baby Dont Cry Ukulele tab



nildo do cavaco

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Baby Dont Cry

Áño: 2002 - Álbum: The Years 1979-1997

Tono:  F
	    F           C  G  F           C  G  F 
(Baby don´t cry,   baby don´t cry)  x2 
Dm                 G           Dm               G 
  When you're down and confused  nothing seems right 
Dm               G                Dm               F 
  And it's you who decides who's going to make it right     Coro 
Dm           G           Dm                G 
  Well life ain't no joke  but it's good when you smile 
Dm              G             Dm                                F 
  Do you know where you are steal everything but you won't get far    Coro 
Dm           G           Dm               G  Dm                 F 
  Sometimes you will fall  whatcha gonna do give your friend a call   Coro 
Dm              G           Dm                G 
  We know that you can smile  even though it takes a while 
Dm               G          Dm                 F 
  To lose your fears and say  gonna lose your fears and say     Coro 
Dm              G        Dm                        G 
  Do you know who you are  and where you're going to 
Dm                     G                 Dm                  F 
  Don't you know that love gonna pull you  gonna pull you through now baby 
(Coro)  x varias veces 

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