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Be The One Ukulele tab

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Be The One

Tono:  Am
	  Intro: Am-Cmaj7 (2x)

Am Cmaj7  Am
I wonder
Why are we involved
Am              Cmaj7  Am
With the seasons
And the living of our own
F                Am  C
Let me see if nothing's wrong
F                Am    G
I just want to be the one

Am       Cmaj7
(She) wanted
Am      Cmaj7           Am
You still give her all our lives
Let her be sons
Am        Cmaj7
Who is she buying
F        Am
See her crawl
C    F            Am    G
I'll just make it out

Am Em7    Fmaj7
Am Em7    Fmaj7         G             Am
Let me be the one     (We don't see it bleeding)

Am          Em7    Fmaj7       E7
I want to die with you      

(verse: as before)
I left the other day
But you're never here
You only listen to things
You want to save
But the power it's ok with you
You knew I'd find something else to do

(chorus: as before except play B7 at something no-ones...)
Let me be the one  (we don't see it bleeding)
I wanna fly, I wanna die with you   (Something no ones)

Em       Dsus2
See it's not like they
Cadd9            Dsus2
Are gonna take my faith away
Em            Dsus2
Let me in it's ok now
Cadd9  Dsus2     Am
Close________  the door

Cmaj7   Am   Cmaj7

    Am        Cmaj7
Is it really needing
When you find a place
       Cmaj7       F
That's only yours
     Am   C       F
Just go he beams

Well I've died for good now

F             Am
Let me feel it
C          F                       Am      G
Let her come---let her run---let her run

Am   Em7           Fmaj7       G
Now let me be the one
(We don't see it bleeding)
       Am           Em7
I can't feel it, I can't see it
(Something no ones needing)

Fmaj7 G      Am
I,    I feel dumb
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