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Hallelujah Ukulele tab

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	  Intro: Csus C C2 C F/A Am Am4 Am F C Gsus G 
Csus          C     C2            C 
Saved by Your mercy found in Your grace 
F/A        Am       Am4       Am 
Totally surrendered to Your embrace 
            F       C         Gsus G 
And there's nothing more than You 
Csus        C           C2           C 
See Your perfection I'm lost in Your peace 
F/A          Am   Am4       Am 
Your faithfulness sings over me 
         F           C           Gsus G 
And Your love is the light of my soul 
      C       Gm7     F 
And I lift my eyes to You 
   C    Gm7    F 
Creator of the world 
      G        F      C           G  F  C 
And I stand in awe of You Of Your glory 
      G       F       Am 
And I live to worship You 
       F            Gsus  G 
Son of God, King of heaven 
        G      F          C              G F C/E 
And the angels round Your throne Cry out holy 
       G/D     F     Am 
To the One who is to come 
        F         Gsus G  C F/A F C Gsus G 
Hear us sing hallelujah 
C           F/A         F    C Gsus G 
Hallelujah, hallelujah, hallelujah 
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