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Charade Ukulele tab

Henry Mancini



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Tono:  Bm
	   Bm            F#     Bm 
When we played our charade 
We were like children posing 
 Em        F#     Em         F# 
Playing at games, acting out names 
 Em          F#7/5+   Bm        F#  
Guessing the parts we played 
Bm        F#     Bm  
Oh what a hit we made 
We came on next to closing 
 Em         F#     Em      F# 
Best on the bill, lovers until 
 Em           F#7/5+   Bm 
Love left the mas...querade 
 Em   A7       F#m       Bm  
Fate seemed to pull the strings 
  Em     A            F#m  B7 
I turned and you were gone 
 Em    A7      F#m      Bm 
While from the darkened wings 
    C#m              Em     F# 
The music box played on 
 Bm        F#  Bm 
Sad little serenade 
Song of my heart's composing 
Em         F#     Em       F# 
I hears it still, I always will 
 Em         F#7/5+      Bm 
Best of the bill,    charade.   

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