Hard Luck Story

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Far Away Ukulele tab

Hard Luck Story

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Far Away

Tono:  G
	  Intro: G D Em C D 
(G)Spread me (D)thin, (Em)hold me and (C)shake (D)me 
(G)Tell me let (D)go, (Em)of all that is (C)sanity(D). 
(G)I know what your (D)doing, (C)Your last chance to (D)prove (C)But lets go out (G)tonight, and dance at the (D)bar (HOLD THAT) So far away from (G)here
G D Em C D (G)Aint got no (D)time, (Em)and im all out of (C)money(D) (G)My hearts in a (D)bind, (Em)and you think that's (C)fun(D)ny Chorus: (G)I know what your (D)doing, (C)Your last chance to (D)prove (C)Let me take you out (G)tonight, and dance under (D)stars So far, So far away from (G)here G D Em C D (G)If I had my (D)way, (Em)id take you (C)away(D) (G)Fly to the (D)moon, (Em)but you wouldn't (C)sta(D)y Last Chorus: (G)Ill spread myself (D)thin (G)My one chance to (D)prove (C)But I guess your out (G)tonight Under the (D)stars Under the stars with (G)him (G)If I had my (D)way (Em)Id take you (C)awa(D)y (C)Well lets go out (G)tonight And dance under (D)stars So far away from (G)him.
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