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To Love Somebody Ukulele tab

Hank Williams Jr

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To Love Somebody

Tono:  F
Capo en el 3er traste
There's a light   
A certain kind of light   
G                    D  
That never shines on me  
C                D              A 
I want my life to be lived with you   
I wanna live with you   
There's a way  
Everybody say  
G                           D  
To do each and every little thing  
C                D  
But what does it bring   
If I ain't got you   
If I ain't got you, baby  
D A You don't know what it's like G D Baby you don't know what it's like A To love somebody G D Love somebody like I love you
There's a dream I'd see your face again I know my frame of mind You ain't got to be so blind Cause I'm blind, so very blind But babe I'm a man Can't you see that I am I live and I breathe for you What good does it do cause I ain't got you I ain't got you baby
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