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Love Thief Ukulele tab

Hank Thompson

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Love Thief

Tono:  C
	  C Well, you stole my heart and that's a sin 
But in this case I hope you win 
G Love F Thief; G7 that's what you C are 
You took my heart and that's a crime 
But I don't care if its just mine 
G Love F Thief; G7 that's what you C are. 
I'm not com-{F} plainin' for can't you C see 
That I'm so D7 glad you're after G7 me 
Both C day and night you stole me blind 
Hugs and kisses; what a crime 
G Love F Thief; G7 that's what you C are. 
You picked the lock with a burglars' skill 
Walked right in and took your fill 
Love Thief; that's what you are 
Now, you took all and everything 
All we need is a wedding ring 
Love Thief; that's what you are. 
I wasn't looking when you sneaked through 
To rob my gold and affection, too 
You took my heart and all I own 
But all along you should have known 
Love Thief; I was stealin' too. 
TAG: Love Thief; I was stealin', too. 
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