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I Saw My Mother's Name Ukulele tab

Hank Thompson

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I Saw My Mother's Name

	  C Your daddy was a gambling man 
My C7 mother F said to C me C7 ... 
He F left me C when you Em were a Am child 
But he was C all this G7 world to C me. 
I know your daddy loved me too 
For tattooed on his arm 
Was a heart of love that bore my name 
And was his good luck charm. 
I didn't heed my mother's words 
To leave the cards alone 
I took to gambling just like dad 
And left my mother's home. 
One night a gang was gathered 'round 
We dealt a hand of draw 
An old man sat across from me 
And this is what I saw. 
>From out his sleeve he pulled a card 
And I pulled out my gun 
I shot him dead not knowing then 
What evil I had done. 
He fell across the table 
His hands reached out in vain 
His sleeve slid back and upon his arm 
I could see so plain. 
I gazed down at his lifeless form 
And I hung my head in shame 
For upon his arm was a tattooed heart 
And I saw my mother's name. 

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