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Cab Driver Ukulele tab

Hank Thompson

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Cab Driver

Tono:  C
	  C                          G 
Cab driver drive by mary's place 
I'd like to get a chance to see her face 
                      C7            F 
Please don't stop the meeter let it race 
    G                   C 
Cab driver drive mary's place 
C                              G 
Cab driver once more round the block 
Never mind the ticking of the clock 
               C7		F 
I only wish we could have had a top 
    G                            C 
Cab driver a once more round the block 
C                          G 
Cab driver a once down the street 
There the little place we used to eat 
                        C7            F 
That's where I layed my future at her feet 
    G                         C 
Cab driver once more down the street 
C                             G 
Cab driver a wait here by the door 
Perhaps I'll hold her in my arm once more 
                         C7               F 
Then things will be just like they were before 
    G                       C 
Cab driver wait here by the door 
C                         G 
Cab driver better take me home 
I guess that I was meant to be alone 
                      C7             F 
I hope god sends me a love one of my own 
    G                     C 
Cab driver better take me home 
    G                     C 
Cab driver better take me home 
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