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The Governors Hand Ukulele tab

Hank Snow

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The Governors Hand

Tono:  C
	  Recorded by: Hank Snow 
Writer: Tony Austin 
C The Warden made a comment 
That the Governor sure does write a pretty D hand 
As he G handed me the paper 
That has given me my freedom, once a-{C} gain 
The Governor said I'm sorry 
That new evidence came seven years too D late 
Go G home and start your life again 
Revenge will only fill your heart with C hate. 
As the train pulls into the station 
I can see Peggy waiting there for me 
But I can tell there's something wrong 
She's not the happy girl she used to be 
Peggy hasn't said much 
As she drives along the road back to our farm 
And she ignored the question 
When I asked her where she got this pretty car. 
As she pulled into the driveway 
I can see she's planted flowers all around 
I'm surprised to see good paint 
I thought the place would surely be run down 
I said Peggy you've done wonders 
And I wonder how you've done it on your own 
She said I had to hire a hand 
I never could have run this farm alone. 
D Then Peggy started cryin' and she said 
There's something that you have to E see 
There's a A little boy inside 
And you should know that he is only D three 
We went inside and Peggy said 
I'm sorry but there's nothing I can E do 
But if A you'll let us stay here 
I'll try my best to make it up to D you. 
The little boy looked frightened 
At the thin man who has come in from the cold 
He hides behind his mother's skirt 
As she bends down to wipe his little nose 
I said Peggy, I still love you 
And I'll do my best to try to understand 
For God has pardoned both of us 
And don't the Governor write a pretty hand? 
Then A Peggy dried her tears when I said 
Don't the Governor write a pretty D hand? 
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