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Squid Jiggin' Ground Ukulele tab

Hank Snow


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Squid Jiggin' Ground

Tono:  G
Oh this is the place where the fisherman gather 
    C         G                  A7           D       
Oil-skins and boots and the Cape hands batten down 
All sizes of figures with squid lines and jiggers 
     C          G           D             G  
They congregate here on the Squid Jiggin' Ground 
Some are workin' their jiggers, while others are yarnin' 
There's some standin' up and there's more lyin' down 
While all kinds of fun, jokes and drinks are begun 
As they wait for the squid on the Squid Jiggin' Ground 
There's men of all ages and boys in the bargain 
There's old Billy Cave and there's young Raymond Brown 
There's Rip, Red and Gory out here in the dory 
A runnin' down squires on the Squid Jiggin' Ground 
There's men from the harbor, there's men from the tickle 
And all kinds of motor-boats, green, gray and brown 
Right yonder is Bobby and with him is Nobby 
He's chawin' hard tack on the Squid Jiggin' Ground 
God bless my soul, list to, there's Skipper John John Champy 
He's the best hand at squid jiggin' here, I'll be bound 
Hello, what's the row? Why he's jiggin' one now 
The very first squid on the Squid Jiggin' Ground 
The man with the whisker is old Jacob Steele 
He's gettin' well on, but he's still pretty sound 
While Uncle Bob Hockins wears six pairs of stockin's 
Whenever he's out on the Squid Jiggin' Ground 
Holy Smoke! What a scuffle! All hands are excited 
It's a wonder to me that there's nobody drowned 
There's a bustle, confusion, the wonderful hustle 
They're all jiggin' squid on the Squid Jiggin' Ground 
Says Bobby, "The squids are on top of the water 
I just got me riggers 'bout one fathom down" 
But a squid in the boat scuddered right down his throat 
And he swam like mad on the Squid Jiggin' Ground 
There's poor Uncle Louie, his whiskers are spattered 
With spots of the squid juice that's flyin' around 
One poor little boy got it right in the eye 
But they don't give a darn on the Squid Jiggin' Ground 
Now, if you ever feel inclined to go squiddin' 
Leave your white clothes behind in the town 
And if you get cranky without your silk hanky 
You'd better steer clear of the Squid Jiggin' Ground 
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