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Nobodys Child Ukulele tab

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Nobodys Child

Tono:  D
	  Someone asked for an old Hank Snow song, "Nobody's Child." 
 Although Hank recorded it, the original was Harry Hibbs. Here it is. 
 Nobody's Child 
 As D I was slowly passing D7 by an G orphan's home one day, 
 I A7 thought I'd stop a little while just to watch the children D play. 
 Alone, a boy was D7 standing, and G when I asked him why, 
 He A7 turned with eyes that could not see and this was his re-{D} ply. 

I'm G nobody's child, A7 nobody's D child. A7 I'm like a flower, just growing D wild. No mommy's D7 kisses and no G daddy's smiles, Nobody A7 wants me, I'm nobody's D child.
People come for children to take them for their own, But they seem to pass me by and why I never know. I know they want to take me, but when they see I'm Blind, They always pick some other child and I am left behind. Repeat Chorus>>> No mommy's arms to hold me and soothe me when I cry, Sometimes I feel so lonely, I wish that I could die. I'll walk the street of heaven where all the blind can see, Then I'll be like other kids, There'll be a place for me. Repeat Chorus>>> Transcribed by Dave Stark
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