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My Mother Ukulele tab

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My Mother

Tono:  A
Intro:  A   E7    A 

          E7               A             D    A   E7 A 
There are friends who will want you, but just for a  day, 
E7        D         A    E7    A           D    A    A7 
There are pals you think true, but they’ll cast you away. 
            A          D             Bm        A  
But there’s one loving soul boy, I'd sure recommend, 
                            A   F#m            E7          A 
Through this whole world of sor-row, she'll be true to the end. 

E7   F#m            A             F#m  D        E7 
Moth-er, though her hands are all wrin-kled and old, 
D    Bm         D             F#m          A 
Moth-er, silver hair that has lost all the gold. 
     A                      D 
You left her alone, went to roam through the years, 
    Bm                          E7    A 
But all that you left her, were heartaches and tears. 
                              D          F#m 
So kiss her old brow, whisper softly and true, 
E7       Dm                        E7 Bm    A 
Moth-er, you're just an angel, and I, love, you. 

(Original Spoken) or Sing. 
       E7        A          D      A   E7 A 
On the door of a cottage, a wreath sad-ly hung, 
E7    D             A       E7           A     D   A  A7 
And a hearse stood there waiting, as the choir softly sung. 
           A                D                   Bm        A  
There were flowers in their beauty, and the old parson he prayed, 
                  A   F#m          E7           A 
This was the last tribute, as they left for her grave. 

          E7         A               D   A     E7     A 
She won't meet you tonight son, when you crave her caress, 
E7      D             A   E7            A     D    A      A7 
She has raised you to manhood and, now you've laid her to rest. 
      A                D                    Bm        A  
Those flowers in their beauty, ahhh, to her they're unknown. 
                             A  F#m      E7                A 
Cause tonight she's with the angels, up around Gods' great throne. 

         E7        A            D   A   E7 A 
So don't wait that late son, to try and re-pay, 
E7         D           A          E7  A          D    A       A7 
Give those flowers and give those treasures, and give them today. 
             A        D                  Bm           A  
Let her know that you love her and, show her that you care. 
                 A           F#m                E7        A 
Cause she's your mother, God love her, she's as true as a prayer. 

   A                          D 
So kiss her old brow, whisper softly and true; 
E7       Dm                        E7   Bm      A 
Moth-er, you're just an angel, and I,   love,   you. 
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