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I'm Movin' On Ukulele tab

Hank Snow


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I'm Movin' On

Tono:  D
D That big eight-wheeler, rollin' down the track 
Means your true-lovin' daddy ain't{D7} comin' back 
I'm movin'{G} on; I'll soon be D gone. 
You were A7 flyin' too high; for my little old sky, 
So I'm movin' D on. 
That big loud whistle, as it blew and blew 
Said hello Alabama, We're{D7} comin' to you 
And we're movin'{G} on; oh, hear my{D} song 
You had{A7} the laugh on me, so I've set you free 
And I'm movin'{D} on. 
Mister Engineer, take that throttle in hand 
This rattler's the fastest in the{D7} southern land 
Keep movin'{G} on;  keep rollin'{D} on 
You're gon{A7}na ease my mind,so put me there on time 
Keep rollin'{D} on. 
I warned you baby, from time to time 
But you just wouldn't listen or D7 pay me no mind 
Now I'm movin' {G}on, I'm rollin' {D}on 
You have A7 broken your vow, and it's all over now 
So I'm movin'{D} on. 
But someday baby, when you've had your play 
You're gonna want your daddy, but your{D7} daddy will say 
Keep movin' {G}on, you stayed away too{D} long 
I'm{A7} through with you; too bad you're blue 
Keep movin'{D} on. 
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